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Portfolio // Siemens / Jack Morton Events

Dome Guys Portfolio:
Siemens Earth Day 2010 - Climate Rally on the National Mall
Washington D.C. -  April  2010

Siemens AG chose to partner with Jack Morton Worldwide Exhibits Team to showcase their sustainable innovations and technologies in a DomeGuys geodesic dome on the National Mall in Washington D.C. from April 17-25, 2010, for a week-long Earth Day event.

The 36-foot, full print dome, utilized a high-resolution printing technique, which allowed Siemens to display their company logo and imagery at the climate rally, the biggest Earth Day gathering in U.S. history. The geodesic structure, which is a perfectly suited "acts of green" structure, speaks for less building materials and more energy-efficient design. The dome further emphasized the Siemens reputation of "leading-edge innovation and the quality of it's products, services, and solutions." Siemens Corporation is working with the Earth Day Network to motivate communities across the country to commit to a more sustainable lifestyle.

"The Climate Change Rally will include notable speakers Reverend Jesse Jackson" and James Cameron, including live music from artists such as Sting, The Roots, and Jimmy Cliff.

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DC Metrocentric - Geodesic Dome on National Mall

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