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Portfolio // Haiti Grassroots United

Dome Guys Portfolio:
Disaster Relief - Haiti
Port-au-Prince, Haiti -  March  2010

DomeGuys International's geodesic domes are ideal structures for disaster relief. Our disaster relief domes can withstand earthquakes and hurricane-force winds, and can be transported to almost any location on any terrain. Since these domes can be built in as little as 4-6 hours without the use of electricity or heavy equipment, they can immediately be used for housing, medical facilities, kitchens, orphanages, birthing centers, and more. They  can also be dismantled, re-constructed and moved as needed.

After the 2010 Earthquake in Haiti many response teams went into action.  Part of that action was to provide shelter for people, hospitals and medical supplies.  We worked directly with Grassroots United and donated a 60' long-life geodesic dome and a 20' geodesic event dome.  Both domes were installed by Grassroots United volunteers on location. 

Type   Disaster Relief

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