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How do I ventilate my dome?

Ventilation is critical to preventing moisture from building up in your geodesic dome. Condensation buildup can be avoided with proper ventilation. For most short-term, temporary events DomeGuys will help you design a cover that allows for optimal air flow.

A few options that we recommend are using roll-up flaps with or without screens, zip vents, and AC vents.

How do I ventilate my dome?

Because of their aerodynamic round walls that foster the efficient travel of air, heating and cooling costs are minimal, but like in any enclosed structure condensation buildup can happen. It can be avoided with proper ventilation. With the installation of a simple ventilation system your dome will be cozy and comfortable. DomeGuys International will help you to design a cover that allows for optimal air flow in conjunction with your heating and cooling systems.

Another great cost-effective solutions to maximize airflow that supports efficiency in heating, cooling and venting your dome is the solar powered exhaust fan. Solar fans are self-contained and maintenance-free.

The solar fan will come with flashing to prevent leaks, but it's very important that the hole in the dome cover is the correct size - it needs to be the same size as the exhaust outlet. You can cut the hole yourself (measurements will be included), or you can order the cover pre-cut for $200.

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