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What is the structural integrity of a DGI dome?

At DomeGuys International, we feel it is vitally important to ensure the structural integrity of each new or modified dome design before we send it to the manufacturing floor. We engineer each and every design to ensure safety and comfort when it's installed at your location. Contact us to discuss your needs, and we'll provide you with custom engineering, if needed.

We can engineer to your required load specifications;  our standard domes are engineered to support the following load combination:

    Snow load = 20 lbs per sq ft (~2.5' accumulation of fluffy snow)
    Wind load = 100 mph (@ exposure C)
    Dead load = 2500 lbs (spread over 5 top hubs)
    Seismic load = 4

What is the structural advantage of a DGI dome?

In addition to their natural beauty, domes have many structural advantages. Geodesic domes have been built around the world in different climates and varying temperatures, and have proven to be the most efficient human shelter. Geodesic domes have the highest ratio of enclosed volume to weight of any human-made structure. Because of their aerodynamic round walls that foster the efficient travel of air, heating and cooling costs are minimal. With the installation of a simple ventilation system and heating or cooling source, your dome will be cozy and comfortable, with a minimum use of energy.

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