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Immediate/ Mobile/ Reliable/  Geodesic Domes for Sale & Rent Worldwide
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Disaster Relief Shelter Domes

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Emergency Shelters, Aid Facilities, Rapid Deployment Housing,
Portable Shelter for Emergency Preparedness and Response//

Disaster Shelter - Strong, Versatile, Ease of Transport/

One of the most immediate and important needs after disaster strikes is safe, reliable, portable and efficient shelter. First response and disaster management organizations worldwide are discovering that geodesic domes are ideal for emergency relief and disaster shelters. Domes provide the safety you need in emergency scenarios, quickly and without hassle; DomeGuys International meets this need. Our easy-to-use, multi-purpose structures solve your immediate problems--keeping people dry, comfortable and safe. Domes are ideal for emergency shelters, command headquarters, housing, medical stations, supply storage and more.

Almost all emergency situations are due to natural disasters. Fortunately, geodesic domes are the strongest structure yet devised by humans. The geodome's architecturally engineered strength provides housing for those that are displaced, or provides effective care facilities. Their ultimate durability has proven that domes are the safest structure in earthquakes and can withstand hurricanes, tornadoes, heavy snow loads, and more. DomeGuys dome covers are waterproof, windproof, UV-protected and fire-retardant.

DomeGuys emergency shelters are light-weight and fully collapsible, easily transported to even remote locations, and efficient to store. They can be assembled in just a few hours without electricity or heavy equipment for domes up to 44-feet in diameter. Our experienced crews are available to deploy immediately and assemble your domes when and where you want.

Additionally, as your efforts continue, and the day to day needs of your operation change, you can easily relocate and re-purpose your dome. With minimal labor, you can have a multi-purpose structure on-site that keeps you dry and safe while you attend to the very important business of rehabilitation.

A geodesic dome's remarkable strength, mobility and dependability makes it an ideal emergency shelter for rapid deployment housing. Whatever your intended use, DomeGuys International is happy to help you find the perfect dome to fit your specific needs.

Contact us today to discuss the specific needs of your organization.