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Immediate/ Mobile/ Reliable/  Geodesic Domes for Sale & Rent Worldwide
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Trade Show Display Domes

Arouse Curiosity & Elevate Awareness for Product Launches & Brand Exposure

Consider whether your brand deserves something a little less common, that enables you to drive your brand's identity with a better creative strategy: an experiential, interactive space designed to entertain, impress, and appeal to your targets. This is what DomeGuys domes deliver.

Geodesic dome principles incorporate modern architectural engineering with one of Nature's favorite organic designs.  DomeGuys adds the ability to completely design the visual aspects from size and shape to designs, colors, projections, lighting, and special fixtures. Your dome can be as stunning and spectacular as you choose.

Our products make tradeshow booths stand out in the crowd, creating a focused, intimate space for demos and theaters. They are often found on the road for promotional tours. And, of course, they can be designed and built to last a day, a week, a year, or more. DomeGuys enables your event team to focus on the promotional concept by providing a fully customized, immersive audio-visual media environment. We help you deliver your marketing vision with the greatest possible creative impact.

At DomeGuys we feel it's vitally important to ensure the structural integrity of each new or modified dome design before we send it to the manufacturing floor. Windy spot? Earthquake territory? Hurricane zone? Sandy soil? High temperatures? Flash flood worries? DomeGuys can deal with it all, taking a solid, engineering approach to safety and comfort.

The remaining members of our team are professionals who have made the design, manufacturing, delivery and construction of domes their life's work. Some of our efforts support disaster relief projects, others end up on mountainsides or in resort spots. Yours, however, will end up wherever you tell us to place it, on time and on budget.

Call DomeGuys when you need to make your brand stand apart from the others.