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Immediate/ Mobile/ Reliable/  Geodesic Domes for Sale & Rent Worldwide
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Lodging Domes for Resorts, Retreats and Seminars

Eco-Resort Domes, Adventure Tourism Domes & Campsite Rental Domes

Make your resort, retreat, or adventure dome an unforgettable, one of a kind destination with unique guest accommodations.  Give your guests an upgraded option for environmentally-conscious, energy efficient private accommodations in their own dome. 

Interior design can be made simple and intimate or elegant and chic with minimal cost. Dome Guys will make your custom dome to fit your landscape, with strategically placed bay windows, skylights, and doors.

Domes can be constructed in almost any location, with minimal impact on the surrounding environment. Choose an outdoor adventure dome with conservation in mind; no electricity or heavy machinery are needed for the construction of domes 30' or less in diameter. Your dome can be erected seasonally or kept up year round.  Due to its compact nature when collapsed, it will require limited space to store when not in use, if you choose to take it down seasonally.

Offer your guests something to remember by creating unique spaces with geodesic domes. Play with your surroundings using full-resolution printing or solid color options. Connect domes to one another for multi-family use, or create a "dome village" with multiple stand-alone domes. Perch your dome on an elevated platform for a tree house feel, or to enhance an ocean view.  Our structures are reminiscent of nature's organic designs, and will add to your client's experience of the beautiful surroundings of your grounds.

The following is an example of our DomeGuys 16' domes utilized at Doe Bay Resort, on Orcas Island (Washington).

Minimize your footprint in a fun, easy way that everyone will love! You can build domes on a remote campsite, and relieve hikers from packing tents. Families will enjoy learning and exploring the outdoors in a simple way that does not make them compromise on comfort. Domes are a fun alternative to staying in a cabin, they are a mirror to nature's shape of a bird's nest or a bee hive.  Bring the outdoors in, and keep guests coming back year after year!

Use on-site domes to create events and spectacles unique to your resort or retreat center! Use roll-up sides to create a perfect atmosphere for a poolside cabana or offer side-by-side massage with relaxing ambient music in our acoustically perfect domes.  Create an educational space such as a mini planetarium or host a viewing event using our seamless negative-pressure projection screen.