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DomeGuys International has undergone many changes in the last few years.  We've rebranded, updated our website, started a blog, moved to a bigger office and warehouse, and hired amazing, new employees.  This is all because the world is demanding more and more domes and we want to look good for you, as well as making the dome design/ordering process more efficient. 

Being an international company, it only seems fit that in addition to Portuguese and French, we now have employees that speak Spanish and German - Tiffany is our marketing/sales whirlwind, and moved back to Ashland with her family after living in Mexico the last few years.  Felice moved back to Ashland after a stint in Europe, and now keeps our staff project momentum while she lights up each moment with her charm and enthusiasm. Check out our about us page on the website to put faces to the names.  

Then, let us know what type of dome you are interested in as we look forward to serving your unique needs!

Burning Man started in 1986 and is now an experience that over 50 thousand people gather for in the Nevada desert annually. DomeGuys put up a blackout dome and rocked the dust, desert, feather, fire-dancing scene for over a week. There is an epic time-lapse video of the dome going up in Re-Birth Village that our friends from Eyez on Vegas produced.

There was hardly time to recoup from Burning Man, and the crew was already headed to Earthdance, a global festival for peace. One of our 44' domes went up as the Lotus Temple, the center of the healing village. The space was used for meditation, yoga, and provided a dry sanctuary from the occasional rain. 

Epicenter 2010 utilized a 36' dome for the International Ecotourism Conference (watch the ESTC 2010 Highlights).  This indoor presentation space was covered pieces of lycra stretched around and across the structure.  This way the entire structure wasn't enclosed and lighting effects could be used to bounce off the lycra and dome frame to draw people in.

We worked with a tent company out of Beijing, China to set up a 60' dome in Qingdao to announce the opening of Hyatt Regency Quingdao, Hyatt's first beach resort in China.  Party Master Tent Co. purchased this dome with a custom lycra cover and built directly on the beach.

DomeGuys International was in New Jersey and LA building these 90' and 30' domes for a private event.  Venues such as these can be used for parties, filming, weddings, and the like.  The 90' dome requres more intense equipment to construct, but within the space, the potential is limitless.  Build a stage, insert multiple levels, or create a planetarium.

Spitball Media is teaming with DomeGuys International to help create more dynamic media.  What Spitball has generated is a way to isolate the projection to each individual triangle in the geodesic pattern of the dome.  This way one can overlap, combine, and reshape the way we experience media.  This can be ideal for branding, live streaming for a compound experience, or just amazing your audience visually.  Watch the demo here.

View full articles on the DomeGuys blog!


In this economy, it is important to reinvent your business on a regular basis. Using DomeGuys geodesic dome for weddings, wine tastings and the like has been Rock Wall Wine Company's way to reinvent ourselves. It is an incredibly versatile structure, lending itself to elegant as well as casual gatherings and always commands attention when we light it up in the evenings. Because we are right next to the San Francisco bay, it is important to us to have a structure that complements the landscape. It is also important to note that our location subjects us to strong winds and strict environmental standards and in that regard, the DomeGuys dome has proved far sturdier than a tent, can be used for twelve months of the year, and leaves no permanent impact on the environment. Needless to say, Rock Wall Wine Co. is in love with our dome.


Working with Dome Guys International was a great experience.  The dome brought an element to our conference that was unmatchable.  It created a space in our exhibit hall that was inviting and open for better networking.  We would definately like to work with them again.


Dome Guys worked with us to brand and construct a 44' dome at the South Street Seaport in NY for a client.  They were very easy to work with, the end product looked fabulous, and the client was thrilled!