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Immediate/ Mobile/ Reliable/  Geodesic Domes for Sale & Rent Worldwide
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Music Festival, Conference & Seminar Domes

Performance Venue, VIP Lounge & Workshop Domes

Perhaps it's a few hundred people gathering for an afternoon carnival, or maybe it's a few million passing through over the course of the summer. No matter the size and scale, DomeGuys domes will provide you with as many exciting and unique dome structures as your festival requires.

Imagine how much more interesting a dome would be when outfitted as a performance venue. The VIP Lounge doesn't need to be in a musty tent any longer. And the expo area will feel open and spacious under a dome instead of in a room.

Basic DomeGuys domes range in size from 200-11,000 square feet, but we don't stop there. Call us to discuss your needs, and we'll provide your festival with custom engineering, if needed. Your big dreams are accommodated.


Music festival? Unlike a big square box or an open hillside, the unique acoustic properties of domes unlock musical perfection for the audience, no matter where they're seated. Imagine the most epic band shell ever seen, and multiply that by a factor of unreal. Now you've got the dome experience.

Green fest? DomeGuys projects are low-impact on the surrounding area, are well ventilated, can be designed to include or limit natural light, and provide the most comfortable space with which to embrace the attendees.

Sporting event road show? A dome will stand out in the crowd. Your design can easily be transported and assembled. Our team can also print a section or the entire dome skin with logos and/or design. On the outside, it creates an impact and makes your setting recognizable. On the inside, it creates a unique atmosphere that matches your goals. Put them together, and you create the best of both worlds.

DomeGuys structures are built with human traffic in mind. We engineer each and every design to ensure safety and comfort when it's installed at your location. DomeGuys provides its own team of trained, skilled labor to install and remove the domes, ensuring the perfect set-up every time. Call DomeGuys today and discover what it's like to work with professionals who know how to cater to your festival's appeal.