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Immediate/ Mobile/ Reliable/  Geodesic Domes for Sale & Rent Worldwide
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Meet The DomeGuys

Matt Ochoa/
Previous Owner/

The first time I saw a geodesic dome I recognized they engaged people in a unique way and inspired them to be creative. I wanted to be a part of that. I also saw there was a need for a business which could efficiently and reliably provide clients with these awesome structures.

It’s important to me that each client feels like their vision is understood and that they receive what they want and expect from our company. The pressure of deadlines motivates me and the challenge of new and different projects holds my interest. I’ve always been a creative problem solver, designing and building things for as long as I can remember. I love the process of taking things from concept to reality and I enjoy working with new teams of people and heavy equipment, so geodesic domes have been a total fit for me. The diversity of clients and projects which come our way still amazes me and I love it.

Molly Ochoa/
Previous Owner/
Artistic Director/

My life is an expression of my creativity. I live my art in all ways. My home environment, cooking, painting, how I love, what I choose to be surrounded by and how I contribte to our company is art. As a student of the fine arts, DomeGuys has delivered me into the digital age and I have ambled through the design platforms, photography and web design over the last seven years to assist in the development of the DGI image. Not only this, but I get bossy on the jobsite by running crew and laying out the frame and I am completely captivated by geodesics. Every. Single. Time.

There is an innately impressive, inspirational and powerful essence to these structures, no matter the size. I love that domes are an extension and expression of our hard work and what we represent as a company.

John Foote/
Sales and Marketing/

Armed with 24 years of film, media, design and marketing experience, John Foote comes to DomeGuys International holding down the Sales and Marketing position. Driven by inherent vision and a natural passion to bring to life anything the mind can conceive, John's path has been deeply enriched with many facets of business from 8 years in Hollywood as a freelance art director / lead man to owning and operating his own media company for 16 years and all that lies in between. John will bring these skills and experience to work at DomeGuys International to provide the company and it's customers the best experience possible!

John's true passion is being a Dad to his 2 baby girls. There is NO higher calling!

Kathy Kennedy/
Project/Office Manager/

Kathy is a master coordinator and keeps all DomeGuys related affairs in order.

Russell Phillips/

Russell has been building geodesic domes for the past 10 years and recently purchased DomeGuys from Matt and Molly.

Office Mascot/

Rosie is one-of-a-kind: night blind, snorty, mixed with pig and cow, champion biscuit-eater. Rosie can speak Pig Latin.

Petunia La Rue/
DGI Hostess/

Petunia is a premium mutt, complete with a glistening underbite and an attitude the size if a Pyranees. She doubles as a vacuum cleaner and is our official DGI Hostess.