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Immediate/ Mobile/ Reliable/  Geodesic Domes for Sale & Rent Worldwide
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In-Stock Inventory for Rent and Sale

All Frame Sizes In-Stock!

Our DGI "In-Stock Deals" feature NEW, previously owned and slightly used inventory ready for rental at great discounted prices. Act now as this inventory moves fast. There is the potential to purchase a select few of our In-Stock domes as-is, and DGI still endorses them as a quality product. If you do not find a great In-Stock deal that suits your needs, please contact us to provide you with a new Home Dome Kit/ for geo simplicity or Custom Dome/ designed to meet your specific needs and vision.

Ready for Immediate/ dispatch to meet your Mobile/ venue needs with Reliable/ attention-demanding aesthetics. See descriptions below:

16'_white_interiorcover16' Trade Show Dome/

This 16' Trade Show Dome is ready to show off your company and product giving you enhanced exposure, setting you apart from other generic booths. This dome features a powder-coated, white exterior frame with a lycra stretch white interior cover that is set off with brushed aluminum 3" round buttons that pin the interior cover back to the dome frame giving it stylistic interior billowing. The 16' dome kit will travel light on one pallet and take approximately 2 hours to set up with 3 people. web/in-stock_deals/16'-white-event-dome_240x165.png

16' Event Dome/

Our smallest dome size, easy to assemble and perfect to draw attention to. Create a cozy lounge at trade show, a festival, or use it as a bar or gifting area at an outdoor wedding. This dome doesn't come with a zip-in door, it is an "open face" dome.

16' Tall Event Dome/

Our smallest dome dome just got taller(!!), increasing the usable vertical space around the inner perimeter of the dome!  This dome is 16' diameter and about 11.5'.  It has a HUGE bay window, 12" HVAC port, 2 passive roof vents, and reusable cam straps around the base of the dome to secure the cover to the frame. The zip in round door also features a T-Zip entry for a man-door sized entrance.  This dome is ideal for tradeshows, festivals, glampgrounds, and product launches.

(3) 20' Igloo Bay Window Dome/
2 domes in one! This 20' dome features a zip-in/zip-out clear bay window or a white panel for a full white dome. You choose whichever fits your vision best. There is 300 ft² of floor space and a 12' high ceiling. It takes an averages of 4 hours to build.  Igloo entry way is optional.

clientuploads/images/2012 web/in-stock_deals/20'-clearandtunnel-240x165.png20' Clear Dome/                              

Only one left in stock! Completely clear vinyl dome. Previously used as a showcase dome at the SuperBowl. 

24' White Opaque Event Dome/

This opaque blackout dome with a single hex doorway is perfect for interior projection.  Use it as a trade show booth, digital immersive experience, or some other idea where lighting control is a must. 

(2) 30' White Event Domes/ 1x Opaque and 1x Translucent Now In Stock!

These event style domes feature either a bay window or a PVC insert and door.  With roll up side vents, passive roof vents, and HVAC ports, you can control the temperature in hot and cold environments.  These domes are 15' tall, have 700 ft² of floor space and have standing room for approximately 75 people. Set up time including anchoring is about 7 hours.

36' Opaque Event Dome/

Control the lighting environment for projection with our opaque 36' event dome has an optional 3 row bay window, 2 doors with T-zip entries, passive roof vents, roll up side vent, and HVAC ports.  The tunnel has sold, but can be custom made again if required

36' Earth Print Dome/

Attract a crowd that resonates with the beauty of planet Earth. This dome hosts a high-resolution print from NASA satellite imaging and is printed on our lightweight event cover that is translucent, allowing natural illumination on the interior.

(2) 36' White Translucent Event Domes/ 1x PVC and 1x Event Airtex Now In Stock!

The standard 36' translucent PVC and airtex event domes feature an optional 3 row bay window, 2 doors with T-zip entries, passive roof vents, roll up side vent, and HVAC ports.

36' Blackout Dome/

Create an around-the-clock projection and performance venue for the party that goes all night. This dome contrasts in the daytime and disappears at night while interior lighting is under your control. These seams have been sewn and but not welded and cannot guarantee 100% weatherproofing.

44' White Opaque Event Dome/

This is our standard blackout event skin with optional bay window and up to 3 doors.  There are roll up side vents, passive roof vents, and ducting ports to hook up an HVAC system.  Use it on the ground for 1520 ft² of interior floor space or fly it in the air to rig sound and lighting above a stage or as a center piece to a large event space.

clientuploads/images/2012 web/in-stock_deals/60'_black_cap_240x165.png60' With Cap Dome/

Rent this 60' dome frame with a 1/3 top cover to provide shade and ambience, This rental with cap is a great way to get an enhanced value on such a large dome structure. Keep in mind that our dome frames are manufactured using only "structural grade steel" and are capable of handling up to 2500lbs of hanging weight with an average load span of 500lbs per 5 individual hubs.

clientuploads/images/2012 web/in-stock_deals/60_white_cover_240x160.png60' White Event Dome/

Your ideal event dome. With 2,800 ft² (260 m²), you can fit around 500 people standing room only. Add lighting and sound for a remarkable experience. Use this as a stand-alone dome or connect multiple domes. The PVC cover is translucent and lighting projected on the interior at night will light up the exterior of the dome. Also, sunlight during the day will light up the interior.  This dome features an optional bay window or white insert, up to 3 doors, passive roof vents, a roll up side vent and HVAC ports for full temperature control.  

clientuploads/images/2012 web/in-stock_deals/88'_frame-only_240x165.png88' Dome FRAME ONLY/

This dome frame features our heavy-duty frame upgrade and 6,100 ft² of floor space. A cover is not included in this rental. If one is required, we recommend adding a heavy-duty opaque long-life cover which offers total interior light control assuring years of protection against the elements. Savings available adding a dome cover purchase. Contact us for 88' dome cover cost. Please inquire about branding options on the dome cover utilizing our high-resolution printing.

clientuploads/images/2012 web/in-stock_deals/120'_longlife_white_240x165.png120' Heavy-Duty Dome/

This 120' dome has 11,310 ft² of floor space and a 60' interior ceiling height. The cover is made of the heavy-duty, opaque, long-life PVC material ideal for interior projection and environmental control. Includes ports for HVAC systems.  New panels of the cover can be ordered to accommodate high-resolution printed branding or imaging.

Our slightly used domes are a great economic solution to owning your own dome. We have several great options in-stock that make owning your own dome immediate. These In-Stock Deals maintain our high-quality standards, having been used as rental domes for limited engagements. DomeGuys International offers these In-Stock Deals at a discounted price. Make one of these domes your next purchase.

If you would like to experience the magic of a DomeGuys geodesic dome, then our In-Stock Deals are a cost-effective solution to take your event to the next level. These domes offer unique choices that will surely set your experience apart from all the rest.

Value Exchange Offer/
We are confident in the presence and quality of our domes, knowing that people are magnetized to their undeniable allure. This will build your event exposure. In some cases, we may be able to create a mutual opportunity with our in-stock deal inventory.
We are open to discussing discounts on our regular dome rental cost in exchange for effective marketing and advertising of DomeGuys International LLC at your event and the associated media that supports your event. If you are interested in a Value Exchange opportunity, pick your desired event rental dome from our inventory and inquire with DomeGuys. Mention "Value Exchange Offer" and we will put together a deal that will work for both of us.

Call (877) 421-5020 now to book your dome,
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