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Event Domes - 'Wow' Factor

Set your event, brand and experience apart with a geodesic dome/

Want your upcoming event to be wildly successful, generate an unforgettable impression and result in valuable buzz? An essential part of your promotional strategy is an absolutely unforgettable setting - one that excites, attracts and amazes people. DomeGuys International geodesic domes have your extraordinary experience covered.

Geodesic dome construction is accomplished in as little as a few hours, creating an environment that immediately triggers intrigue. DomeGuys will customize the visual aspects from size and shape to designs, colors, projections, lighting and special fixtures. Your dome will be as stunning and spectacular as you choose. From first sight to final applause, your attendees will be exhilarated.

There is no comparable event shelter that is more highly portable with the qualities a geodesic canopy offers. Domes can be built without the use of heavy machinery or electricity, preserving your in-law's backyard during your wedding or using delicacy in a botanical garden. Want to relocate "after" building the frame? No problem. Our skilled crew can mobilize with equipment or use "man"-power to carry the frame where you desire.

Geodesic shelters are uniquely sturdy, known as the strongest structural design ever conceived. Dealing with fierce and unpredictable weather, from tropical storms to heavy snow, is where a dome shows it's more practical side. Let the show go on in the spacious comfort and safety of a geodesic shelter.

With sophisticated designs of complex geometry, geodesic dome principles incorporate modern architectural engineering with one of nature's basic design principles. Alluring and visually intriguing inside and out, DomeGuys geodesic domes will not only attract more guests to your event, it will, without a doubt, enhance the overall experience and value of the event. Whether as a performance venue or conference space, workshop or guest lounge, your guests will appreciate an uplifting setting that's contemporary yet timeless.

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