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Immediate/ Mobile/ Reliable/  Geodesic Domes for Sale & Rent Worldwide
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Event Dome Customizations - Next Level Options

DGI wants you to enjoy every creative option you and your clients can imagine. Domes are impressive in themselves and with the right vision you can incorporate the elements that create an EXPERIENCE and not just a venue or shelter. Taking advantage of our offerings and the immersive quality of a geodesic dome. Lacking creative vision? Take a look at our options and inspiration below to see what could work for you.

BIG Domes/
DomeGuys can build a dome as big as your budget allows. Our biggest domes are the 90- and 120-foot, clear-span, geodesic wonders. As events and the desire to impress grows, so do our domes and clientele. With so much interior space the potential grows as interior structures and mezzanines may be installed, which is ideal for VIP access and superior lighting and sound presentation.

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"Video Projection
Mapping" Option/
Video mapping within the geodesic framework allows different graphic configurations on the individual, triangular facets of the dome. These images become laced within a larger composition and stretch over the entirety of the interior surface using several projectors. DGI works with a specialty company out of Portland, Oregon, Spitball Media, having partnered with them on several events, including one tour. They have carefully mapped the geodesic "puzzle" and are able to deliver choice projections, a live feed, as well as branding. Check out the video below for visuals.

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Standard Lighting Projection

Lighting can be oriented in, on & within event domes, allowing immediate altering of the atmosphere and mood of a venue. Translucent covers allow for the lighting to be seen on the interior and the exterior. Opaque domes block out the daylight and allow for internal projections around the clock. This can also be combined with
conventional projection on flat projection screens which allows an interactive media display.

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Frame-Only Lighting/
You don't need a cover for it to be amazing. You can configure lighting on the struts of the frame alone and create dramatic visuals. This has been utilized for trade shows, weddings, music festivals and music videos. You can view a 44' dome being utilized in a music video below.

Custom/Theme Domes/
Domes are able to be manipulated to suit your vision. Additional armature or features are possible, such as the domes pictured below. These shine at festivals, trade shows, and various tours. Domes remind you of something?? Ask us about creating that vision. It can happen.

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High Resolution Printing/
Full dome high-resolution printing ensures big-impression branding and high-impact messaging.
Printing is assured to dramatically enhance the presentation. Our design team can take a concept and work up the images or you can use your own high-resolution imagery. All images will need to be adjusted to accommodate the round surface.

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Our team of professionals includes an engineer who ensures the structural integrity of your dome for designers and project planners, while a skilled work crew assembles each dome when and where you want it.

Contact us TODAY to explore the possibilities.