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Eco Living Domes
Sustainable Living with Geodesic Domes - For Life

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Eco living domes are sustainable, inspirational, uplifting, portable, versatile, open and freeing. Whether it's a living dome, a private studio, a retreat or resort dome, or the need for harmonic appeal and security in a disaster relief shelter, you will delight in the freeing feeling of the spacious, open design.

Once your dome package arrives, you can be living on a piece of land in less than a week's time. Not only do you have an immediate eco living dome, but your savings are immediate. Imagine no mortgage and minimal utilities, depending on how you are set up. The aerodynamic round walls of DGI domes foster efficient travel of air over the exterior surface, while also facilitating optimal air circulation patterns on the interior; this results in minimal heating and cooling costs because of a more even air distribution. With the installation of a simple ventilation system and a heating or cooling source, your dome will be cozy and comfortable, with a minimal use of energy.

It's easy to create your dream anywhere. We can build on city rooftops, in the remote wilderness, or in your own backyard. For the remote locations, DGI domes up to 44-feet in diameter can be built on location without the use of heavy machinery or electricity. Completely freestanding, there are no internal supports to obstruct your view. And with windows, skylights, and doors artistically and/or strategically positioned, you'll feel completely connected with your surrounding environment and scenery. Tire of the landscape in a year? Want to rearrange your resort layout, or need to relocate your relief camp? Mobility easily allows your dome to be relocated, depending on the system you have created around it.

There are many structural advantages that compliment a geodesic dome's natural beauty. Geodesic domes have the highest ratio of enclosed volume to weight of any man-made structure and have been built around the world in different climates and temperatures, proving to be the most efficient human shelter. Unlike traditional structures, domes get proportionally stronger as their size increases. This strength makes them able to bear heavy loads in snowy climates. Also, they are able to withstand hurricanes, tornadoes, and other storms with far greater success than a box-shaped home. With DomeGuys long-life cover, your dome will be mold and mildew resistant, UV protected, and fire retardant.

These amazing qualities make geodesic domes an automatic choice for sensible living, inspired creative studios, enhanced resort experience and dependable disaster solutions.

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