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Immediate/ Mobile/ Reliable/  Geodesic Domes for Sale & Rent Worldwide
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Disaster Relief Shelter Domes

Aid Facilities & Rapid Deployment Housing

Many international relief agencies are discovering that the versatility of domes make them perfect for use in post-disaster situations.  Our domes are collapsible, requiring minimal space for storage or shipping. Your organization can construct your dome without the use of heavy equipment or electricity. Domes are the strongest shelter, structurally speaking, and perform well in the most extreme of weather conditions. You will not find another temporary structure that will hold up better in extreme wind, rain, snow, hellfire, etc.  

After an environmental crisis, a dome can easily be transported to any worldwide location to provide temporary medical facilities or housing for displaced families. Additionally, as your efforts continue, and the day to day needs of your operation change, you are able to easily relocate and repurpose your dome. With minimal labor, you can have a multi-purpose structure on site that will keep you dry and safe while you attend to the very important business of rehabilitation.

Our clients have used them to create temporary shelter for medical, housing, and equipment storage.  Whatever your intended use, Dome Guys International is happy to help you find the perfect dome to fit your specific needs. Call us today to discuss the specific needs of your organization.