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Immediate/ Mobile/ Reliable/  Geodesic Domes for Sale & Rent Worldwide
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DomeGuys is proud to be the official dealer of the following products and services. Because we were able to link up with people that are at the top of their game, it turns our dome offerings and Dome Kits/ into an astounding package.

NorpacM3 Dome Insulation Liner/ web/separator_cyan_1px_300w.png
30 piece minimum order for $2,750. web/dealer_page/norpac_900x1028.png


Natural Light Solar Attic Fans/ web/separator_cyan_1px_300w.png
Solar Attic Fans are ideal for domes because they help maintian the optimal air circulation patterns within the dome, as well as venting moisture in the air and cooling the internal environment. These roof mounted units come in 10, 20, 30, and 50 watt power options. One installation is all you need and the product comes with a 25-year warranty.
With your purchase of a Natural Light Solar Attic Fan, you recieve a Tax Credit Certificate and Warranty documents. web/dealer_page/solar_fan_851x756.png


Portable Solar Generators/ web/separator_cyan_1px_300w.png
Portable solar generators, by My Solar Generators, allow you to harness the power of the sun to operate household appliances, tools, pumps and heating or cooling. The different models available can give you 1500 to 5000 watts of power per hour. This is one step closer to living off-the-grid or to remain mobile with your dome set-up. web/dealer_page/solar_generator_885x555.png