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Immediate/ Mobile/ Reliable/  Geodesic Domes for Sale & Rent Worldwide
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Dome Guys International LLC


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About DomeGuys International//


DGI is committed to providing alternative solutions to basic needs with solid product & service; on-time and on-budget.  DGI is willing to take the necessary steps, risk and challenges required to take concept to completion for each project we take on.

DGI strives to remain focused, relaxed and driven and to create strength through interconnectedness to identify and meet our client's wants and needs.  DGI commits to co-creating unique, impressive and memorable experiences by delivering geodesic dome structures that are in balance with their purpose.  This achieves prosperity through efficient application of knowledge, technology and materials so DGI can be who clients want to rely on.


Our Vision at DomeGuys International is for Geodesic Domes to serve as a medium to take part in a community and movement. We feel Geodesic Domes are a symbol of progressive thought represented by a balance between function and aesthetics. DomeGuys International combines vision with action to provide shelter with style for life and life's events.


Domes are awesome and awesome people dig 'em, and they fit with awesome projects and in awesome places. We enjoy meeting people and traveling, we enjoy playing with big equipment and we enjoy seeing big results happen fast. We like to work hard when it's time and we love to get out in the sunshine or nightlife when the work's done. We'll do all the work it takes to provide the experiential element to shelter because we like the bit of our culture who is here to do more than just get by or meet the basic need - we like the big dreamers. Geodesic domes let us be a part of some awesome dreams being brought into reality - and we dig domes.

Meet the "Guys"//

MattMatt Ochoa/ is the "Guy" of DomeGuys.  There isn't a project he isn't willing to take on because he WILL figure out a solution.  When he isn't helping a client to custom design their dream, he's go-karting with his twin daughters and tackling his wife's list of tasks.  Beyond business and home, he's creating the space for more family and wonderful friends or up in the hills of the Rogue Valley on his dirt-bike.

MollyMolly Ochoa/ Avatar Stepmom, is in charge of the making all our graphics look dy-na-mite. She also is a painter, photographer, and jewelry designer, hands out herbal remedies, speaks Portuguese, flies on the trapeze, loves to dance and takes care of all the things matt forgets to do, or forgets to tell her he already did.

Tiffany Burns/ the sales and marketing spitfire does her best to juggle it all. Mom to a beautiful toddler and wife to her college love, she still makes time for hiking, biking, cooking up Italian feasts, writing and wine tasting thanks to black coffee and Tahitian tea. She just moved back to Ashland, Oregon after a 6 year stint in Mexico and Alaska. While her travel bug lies dormant for the foreseeable future, she brings enthusiasm, creativity and entertainment to our DGI family.

Jessica Klinke/ for the last three years, has managed accounting systems for non-profit and for-profit ventures. Most recently, she consulted with Voodoo Doughnut in Portland Oregon, providing support to the popular, local, iconic, and internationally renowned business in accounting and policy development. Prior to her work with Voodoo, Jessica developed and managed budgets for large-scale art installations and multi-faceted festivals. With the ability to assimilate the needs of a production into a successful accounting matrix, she applies an artist's sensibility to the world of general ledgers. She is excited to join the DomeGuys team, and will continue to use her powers for good rather than evil.  /

RussellRussell Phillips/ the DGI Site Manager, has all the tricks up his sleeve.  He can simultaneously remix a song into your new favorite, manage a crew, operate heavy machinery, and always look good doing it.  When the wind isn't blowing through the golden locks of his mullet on a job-site, he's fighting off a milieu of Crunk in Public fans.  Mix that with his cool and solid demeanor and our clients get the perfect man for the job - every time.

RosieRosie/ the office mascot, is one-of-a-kind: night blind, snorty, mixed with pig and cow, champion biscuit-eater. Rosie can speak Pig Latin.