5 Reasons to Buy a Geodesic Home Dome

May 2nd, 2011 by Lila


30 Home Dome front door 300x225 5 Reasons to Buy a Geodesic Home Dome

Home Dome

  1. Geodesic home domes are quick to construct. Even a very large dome – say, 60’ in diameter – can be constructed in a matter of a few days. They are deconstructed in half the time, and when disassembled are compact enough to fit into the back of a pickup truck.
  2. Geodesic home domes are built to last and designed to handle hurricane-force winds, large earthquakes and heavy snowstorms. A living dome is a very safe place to be in the case of a natural disaster. The frame can be custom engineered to meet the specific requirements of your local planning department.
  3. Geodesic home domes are durable. The open-air theater in Elpse, Germany is made of the same architectural fabric commonly used in dome construction today, and has been up since the 70’s. The geodesic dome is said to be the strongest, most economical lightweight structure in the world.
  4. Home domes are less expensive than standard homes. Dome construction requires very few building materials, and fewer materials translates to lower building costs. Additionally, energy costs stay low due to the curved interior which allows for optimal air circulation.
  5. The geodesic dome cover can be made to fit your unique personality.The cover is literally a blank canvas which can be designed to discreetly blend in to the background, or to be a stand out, personalized statement. At no additional cost you can incorporate windows and skylights into the design, to bring the outdoors into your living room.

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