Day Two of 90′ Build

October 18th, 2010 by Felice

The second day of the build started off with a spectacular sunrise and everyone in high spirits…  We thought it was going to be another fun, relatively smooth day…

IMG 4485 300x200 Day Two of 90 Build

Sunrise Day, Two

Sound system… Check. Coffee… Check. New York bagels… Check. Great crew… Check!

IMG 4500 300x200 Day Two of 90 Build

Powder Coated Struts of the 90' at Sunrise!

Molly captures the epic sunrise…

IMG 4501 300x200 Day Two of 90 Build

From the Dome at Dawn!

We had great luck with the weather – Warm, sunny, barely any wind… Made putting up the skin fairly easy. The “DomeGuys” even had time to enjoy the view from the top of the scissor lift from time to time..

IMG 4568 300x200 Day Two of 90 Build

Awesome Guys!!!

After a long day of laughing and working, someone said something about rain… Little did we know that within minutes we would be hit by a storm – We felt a few drops of rain and all of sudden the sky was filled with lightening, there were 50 mph winds, and it was raining, hard. Every single person on the crew buckled down, did what needed to get done, made jokes about the situation, and not one person complained a bit about being on their hands and knees in the cold and wet. I have to say, I have met few people that work this hard and have such an awesome attitude. THANK YOU for a seriously unstoppable crew!!!!!! You totally rock!!!!

LighteningLibertyweb 300x199 Day Two of 90 Build

Photo courtesy of Spyder Monkee

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